Fat Ronaldo Coffee (Whole Bean)

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If you were trying to impress with your knowledge of football you would undoubtedly find your way to some of the highlights of R9 (or Fat Ronaldo as he was affectionately known). Similarly, if you are trying to impress with your coffee skills, this bag of beans should be a staple in your home coffee selection.

This yummy Brazillian was harvested by Mió Fazenda. Mió, was origionally bought in 1911 by Fioravante Pellicer, this was his first patch of land in the area. Over the years this farm has massively grown in size and has also changed name and owners, repectively run by his grandson Carlos and his wife, Renata.

2020 is the year Mió decided to oversee every part of its supply chain and this coffee is the reward of that diligence. In collaboration with some great companies, Mió matured from a production-focused farm to an exporter building relationships directly with roasters in the UK and Europe. This a truly unique Gold Honey processed coffee produced from a selection of peaberry beans from Yellow Catucaí trees.

The Fat Ronaldo is an amazing coffee with flavvvaaas of milk chocolate praline, caramel & mandarin. This blend is a classic example of what a Brazilian natural coffee should be, and like the other Fat Ronaldo, is a great example of Brazil at it's best!

Process: Honey
Varieatal: Yellow Catucai
Region: Sul de Minas
Family: Mió Fazenda